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Wrestling Games Are Not Wrestling Games

The fundamental problem with wrestling games to date is their inability to address the true nature of professional wrestling.


The Trouble with Open Worlds — Part Three

It’s easy to list things which aren’t any good in these games, and definitely harder to come up with solutions. But there are concrete ways good open worlds, good games, stand out from those that are bad.

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The Trouble with Open Worlds – Part Two

Isn’t it better to get five hours which pack a punch instead of forty hours of vague nothing? Even if this is the case, is it fair to pay the same amount for both?


The Importance of Trains

The existence of model trains implies the existence of model destinations and trains in video games serve a similar purpose.


Torment: Tides of Numenera — Let It Go

Torment needs you to remember being fourteen, and absolutely nothing that happened afterwards, because nostalgia for sprawling Infinity Engine RPGs is its main selling point.


Bloodborne — Behold! A Paleblood Sky!

The nature of beasthood in Bloodborne is murky, but understanding it is essential to grasping the nature of the game itself.


The Unflinching Ethics of Nier: Automata

Two specific aspects of Automata are incredibly compelling, and absent from most other games: its ethical consistency and its thoughtfulness.


The Trouble with Open Worlds - Part One

Are open worlds really that compelling? Are they essential, now, an expectation of an audience wanting bigger, longer experiences? Or are they just a fad? 


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Travelling the Continent

Not a review – more of a scrapbook.


Battle Brothers — Review

After two years in early access, Battle Brothers is being released on 24th March. Here's our thoughts on the latest version.

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Total War: Warhammer — A Love Letter

Warhammer has finally let the Total War games reach their full potential. It feels like the game the series has been working towards for almost 20 years.


Spec Ops: The Line — A Retrospective

Not a testament to how we’re getting better at war games but at least a strong example of how they can still be interesting.